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Michelle Lange
M. E. Lange, author
Will the technological advances of the New Eden, a mysterious, government-funded, science vessel, be enough to save Eva when the arc of civilization takes a sharp turn? In the new novel, Arc, by debut author, M.E. Lange, the year is 2032 and Eva, a brilliant but angst-ridden 18-year-old, is frustrated by the insanity she sees everywhere she turns. Incivility in Politics. Gun violence. Climate change. Wars. Pollution. Greed. Power. Injustice. It all seems too much for her, and she feels powerless to make a difference. Through a lucky set of circumstances, she finds herself joining her grandmother, an award-winning scientist, on board the New Eden, a combination residential cruise ship and floating science center, shrouded in mystery. She spends the summer of her dreams immersed in mind-boggling scientific breakthroughs that she feels could save humanity. Then just as Eva starts to believe in her ability to help heal the planet, her world is turned upside down—literally and figuratively. Eva and the New Eden community have to learn to understand, navigate, and save themselves from the danger of the new world in which they find themselves. Is it the end of humanity? Or a new beginning? Arc is a fast-paced, science-based story of the angels and demons of humanity and how our technological advancements can either destroy or save the human race. The book, which faces the dilemmas of our society and our world head on, is a commentary on where we could possibly be in a few short years if nothing much changes in our trajectory. It takes place in an environment that is unique and mysterious, and very visual. The story is shocking and sad, but also slightly hopeful. With its young, female protagonist and science-based themes, it is similar to the Divergent or Hunger Games series mixed with just about any Michael Crichton novel.