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Charlie Hazelton
Aree and the Holy Grail
Aree and the Holy Grail is an action packed suspenseful story about a Knights Templar and the Holy Grail, but it has a twist from the traditional story. Aree is an immortal man living in modern times. Injured and dying as a teen, Jesus gave him the miracle of life and good health. Less than a year later, the apostle Peter visited Aree and entrusted him with protecting the Holy Grail. During his lifetime, Aree founded the Knights Templar organization and it has been his mission for 2000 years to keep the Grail safe. Buried and hidden away for centuries, his mission was a success, but a team of treasure hunters on Oak Island are on the verge of discovering the Grail. Aree joins the team to monitor their progress and when the Grail is unearthed, he steals the artifact to keep it out of the hands of Andrew Pendelton, a billionaire investor funding the Oak Island treasure hunt. Aree manages to escape the island with the Grail but he is pursued by Andrew’s security team. While evading Andrew’s private army, Aree crosses paths with several helpful souls who offer him assistance and shelter. To show his gratitude, Aree uses the power of the Holy Grail to perform miracles for them, changing their lives forever. He is able to keep one step ahead of his pursuers and it seems that he will succeed at protecting the Grail, but Aree has an Achilles heal. While working on Oak Island he fell in love with a co-worker named Jennifer and to their dismay, Andrew Pendelton has been made aware of that fact. Using Jennifer as bait, Andrew lures Aree back to the Island where he takes possession of the Grail. The outcome is not what Andrew expected.