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Sarita Vargas
Aria of a Brown Girl
Aria of a Brown Girl is the true story of the perilous journey one girl takes after experiencing trauma over and over beginning in her formative years and continuing on through young adulthood. Placed into adoption at birth, this sets the tone of abandonment she feels from the start and creates an overall mindset of not belonging. In addition, she is faced with numerous moments of abuse, which start her on a downward trajectory to self-destruction. Told with an unapologetic honesty, and an agonizing rawness, the reader will find themselves becoming fully invested in the author’s tumultuous journey from childhood to her adult years. In this deeply moving memoir, Sarita Vargas compels the reader to cry with her, laugh with her, and cheer her on as she navigates life’s struggles and triumphs. Trauma is a monster, but is it any match for the discovery of inner strength and self-love?