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Justin Grimmett
Ark of the Chimeron: Nadir at the Maelstrom
The world holds its breath. It has been nine months since the last Kill Switch sighting. Most think the sudden disappearance of the Las Vegas ruins was caused by the Darkling making his last stand. Those living in the U3F facility know better. They know that their Darkling foe is alive and well. They know he is preparing himself for something big. But only Kill Switch and his Darkling commanders know that he has slipped out of the universe in search of a weapon of grave power. Time moves slowly for the Chimeron and the newly created Bio-Nan. They have dedicated their lives to the fight against the cosmic threat. They spend 16 hours a day in training. Their off time is spent in surgical cryochambers, where they sleep, are nourished, and are physically enhanced with super-human strength. They are the greatest warriors ever created. But do they have what it takes to confront the formidable Kill Switch? Only Inktomi, their spiritual guide, has an inkling of the truth of all that has transpired. He and his prized pupil, Clemér, search through the cosmic web of the Nether Realm to try and find an answer. Aided by the smoking mirror shard that the demi-god, Quetzalcoatl, collected from the bowels of hell, they may hold the missing piece to their dilemma. Only one thing is certain, a battle unlike anything the world has ever seen looms ever closer. The only question is who will come out on top? Kill Switch and the Darkling horde or the champions of mankind?