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Nathan Wall
Author, Service Provider
Artificial Light
Nathan Wall, author
Sometimes you risk becoming a villain in order to be the hero. Since recovering memories and incredible abilities nearly two years ago, an insatiable lust to grow more powerful has consumed Jarrod. Now that urge puts the friends he has left in mortal danger. The only way to protect them is to accept isolation. However, Jarrod has made promises and intends on staying with those he cares for until his pledge is upheld. The Light of Souls has been disrupted and replaced with a fake. The Assassins, three angels from the fallen Corners living out their penance, are charged with eliminating the perpetrator. When their sights turn to Jarrod, he and all those around him are marked for death. With the most dangerous killers in creation hunting him down, Jarrod must learn to evolve his powers without losing control. When new alliances are formed, and old ones turn sour, Jarrod must decide once and for all if he's a hero, or a villain waiting to be unleashed.