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Claire Cain
As You Are
Claire Cain, author
I never expected to fall for someone like Sergeant First Class Jake Harrison—someone who knocks me off balance and forces me to be honest with myself. I’ve finally admitted I want to abandon my life as a professor and write fiction, even if it means disappointing my parents and throwing away years of work. I would’ve loved for Jake to be a part of my new life. Too bad he doesn’t date and definitely isn’t interested in me. But I know things about Jake I’m certain he hasn’t shared with anyone else. Despite our rocky start, we’ve become friends. But now, something has shifted. He seems to want me, but that can’t be right. He was always on the unavailable shelf, and I can’t quite wrap my mind around that changing. I know once Jake embraces the idea of committing, he’ll be all in—but right now everything in my life is falling apart. Could Jake want me as much as I want him? And if he does, can I let myself have him?