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Matt McAvoy
Author, Service Provider
Matt McAvoy, editor

From the moment she was born he has been in her life, watching her. He has studied her every expression, feeling, thought… Because she felt, like any other person… And, he didn’t… Why does she laugh? Why does she cry? Why does she feel…? Despite his exhaustive knowledge about her, he couldn’t answer these questions. For this, he was assigned to her. And now, their time has come.

Frankie McDougal

Assigned starts with a complex character attempting to pursue her hopes and dreams despite scarring from a past tragedy. What appears at first to be a character driven narrative of a young adult quickly turns into one of the most innovative sci-fi plots I've read in years. Eventually we figure out the plot is primarily a love story. Farrell expertly weaves the three disparate genres into an attractive story that is fun for anyone from 13 to 100.

Rachel Silverman

This is a beautiful love story of two souls. This grounded sci-fi pulled me right into the story and kept me going as it felt very real!!