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At the Back of Your Mind
Covid-19 has no doubt drastically changed the way we behave; now, we are more careful when washing our hands, more diligent about wearing masks, and more cautious when interacting with people indoors and outdoors. Our minds have also changed in response to the pandemic, trying to grapple with overwhelming emotions and anxiety. What hasn’t changed is how we view the roles of psychology and neurobiology during the pandemic. Both of these academic fields can explain what went well and what went poorly after the pandemic struck. This book investigates our behavior, our minds, and the pandemic through a purely psychological and neurobiological lens. At the Back of Your Mind serves as an easy-to-understand, informational guide that will take you through cognitive biases and educational concepts such as cognitive dissonance and affectivity. By the end of this book, you’ll learn why it’s so necessary to understand psychology and neurobiology in a pandemic, a context in which every action and thought could be life-changing.