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Rasheed soofi, MD
Auto Bio Nobody
Breaking the prototype of traditional autobiography writing, the author brilliantly blends daruma and comedy of his first three decades of his life into a delightful tale that resonates to millions of immigrants and others in the same situations across the planet, who either have thought of travelling outside of their homelands at some point, or have been forced to take a similar path as author did. The story appeals to all creeds and colors of immigrants, in every corner of the earth who lived some variation of the same life; either ending in success or in catastrophe, or between these two extremes; but hardly has been shared in any languages with such detail or passion as author did.
Midwest Book Review

Rasheed Soofi does an outstanding job of incorporating world journeys into experiences and interactions with other cultures. From the evolution of professional and social life from these roots to experiences in America and other countries, readers receive a close inspection of different encounters and life-changing experiences that charts both physical and mental roadblocks in life and the process of overcoming them.

US Book Review

In this intriguing autobiography, the author begins with his birth and early family life in Iran, sharing fascinating details of his experiences along the way as he eventually makes a new life for himself in the United States. He earns his degree and then practices medicine. We meet and learn of the idiosyncrasies of his mother, father, siblings, friends, school, and work colleagues through stories of his travels and studies. Vibrantly full of color also are the tales of his relationships with various women, from one-time affairs to the three women with whom he has been married.