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Automaton Nation
Automaton Nation is perfect for fans of Twilight and Hunger Games, where the stakes are high, love is unexpected, and characters survive in a dystopian world. Val Tate, daughter of a prominent scientist, falls in love with robotic Dat against her parents’ objections. The robots’ rebellion pushes the couple closer together as they join their cause. Sparks fly between the two as they realize their love is real, although forbidden. As Dat’s celebrity as a sous chef grows, Val’s desire to become an activist for the robots, causes her to see the world differently. But their world is disrupted as the unthinkable happens, and their lives are forever changed.
BlueInk Review

"Kumanchik's novel kicks off like lightning and doesn't let go until the satisfying conclusion. Her writing is taut and crisp, and her descriptions of the androids and 2045-technology are riveting. With Intriguing cover design, plenty of fast-paced action, and a touch of romance, Automaton Nation is certain to please YA science-fiction fans, particularly those who enjoyed the Hunger Games." --BlueInk Review, STARRED REVIEW