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Annie Rose
Autumn Fever
Annie Rose, author

Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

When professional dancers a hit television show arrive in the village, bored nineteen-year-old cattery assistant, Marigold, feels drawn to the glimmering dance studio she can view from her hilltop home. Marigold was born without a left foot, but that has never slowed down her physical capability, nor her strong work ethic. Rather than join her friends in a new adventure at college, after high school she set to work supporting her widowed mother and infant sister. Her days are filled with chores: mucking out the alpaca field, leading walking groups around rural Kent, cleaning the cattery, and keeping watch over her younger sister. Some evenings she stews in the bath and gazes towards the dance studio, imagining what fantastic fun the dancers might get up to while they are safely away from the public gaze. Daydreaming collides with reality when a chance encounter with the reigning dance champion, Alma, provides Marigold with an opportunity to visit the studio. As their friendship develops, and challenging dance lessons ensue, Marigold has to juggle work and family commitments alongside her newfound interest in Latin / ballroom dancing. She’s determined to not let her family down, but she is also excited to discover her own individual life-force.