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Awake to Your why
Bryce Chapman, contributor
Are you living your dream? The clock is ticking. With each passing minute, a lifelong goal remains buried, an aspiration evaporates. Years pass. And you are not living the dream. You’re living an accidental life. This book is the secret to activating your goals and changing your life. Using the science of neuroplasticity, inspiring personal stories, and a host of proven tools and resources, author and life coach Bryce Chapman lays out the transformational power of waking each morning at 5 am and deciding to take charge of your life. A husband, father of four, and owner of several businesses at age thirty-nine, Bryce realized that his life was imploding from stress and that he had ignored his dreams for way too long. He decided to rebuild his life, but the process was not straightforward. It was a challenge that would see him experiment for more than a decade and a half until the formula was perfected. Now he shares with you his practical, actionable process to design your world, including your health and fitness, business, wealth, and dreams, to live a life of purpose.
Chapman (author of The 5am Playbook) highlights the benefits of starting each day at 5am in this rousing handbook, declaring that “the payoff is exponentially greater than the effort of getting out of bed.” His decision to commit to a daily 5am wake-up call came after facing burnout as a successful business owner in mid-life; to regain control of his future, he challenged himself to early morning risings, with stellar results—after a decade of implementing the habit, Chapman was “healthier and happier,” with more time “to follow [his] dreams.”

Chapman acknowledges his road to success has been bumpy, sharing several stories of times his resolve was tested and detailing how his perseverance paid off—such as his 2016 run-in with a bull on his family’s cattle-breeding farm, an accident that ended in severely dislocated and broken toes, a dislocated shoulder, and a torn bicep. Those injuries required years of surgical procedures and rehabilitation, but Chapman’s commitment to a strict 5am regimen once again netted him “the best chance of success.” Citing how mankind has historically risen with the sun, Chapman references notables who have also used his “5am Advantage,” including Benjamin Franklin and Toni Morrison, as examples of how to organize, plan, and prepare each day with intention, the true purpose of his habit makeover.

To further illustrate his methods, Chapman pairs personal anecdotes with actionable steps, falling back on five goal activators—“discipline, persistence, focus, action, and passion"—that together produce what he terms “the unstoppable, self-sustaining energy… you need to hit your target.” His book is brimming with clear, concise tips and real-life examples on how to achieve success one early morning at a time, offering readers a hard-won path to accomplishing their dreams. In his own words, "Self-improvement is an endurance race, and there is always room to grow.”

Takeaway: Intentional guide to taking advantage of every day.

Comparable Titles: Robin Sharma's The 5AM Club, Dan Luca's The 5 A.M. Revolution.

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