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roxanne gosser
Awakening Goddess
The Guardians of Terra is the only thing standing in the way of humanity being annihilated. After Mya’s life is threatened by a vicious demon sent to kill her, she is brought into the Guardians of Terra, a group of gods pledged to protect Earth from the vengeful gods of old. The Guardians also inform her that she is a goddess herself, which she doubts with every fiber of her being. Lir, an intense and arrogant god of the sea, leads the group of misfits with a deeply intimidating and explosive nature. But his protectiveness over Mya may end up losing the war for them entirely. Lir is both compelling and impenetrable and the sassy Mya is having a hard time figuring him out. Through magic, prophecies, and a little bit of godly help from her friends and not-quite-enemies, Mya realizes that she may be far more powerful than she thought. But is it enough to challenge the ever-growing armies of supernatural beings, undead, and vindictive gods on the other side of the war…? A seductive, freeing, and compelling story about the family you choose, inner power, and healing.