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Andreas Ziörjen
Awakening the Spiritual Heart
Awaken the Power of Your Heart Chakra Falling in love with life—how can we do that? Most people know the state of being in love, in which we tend to feel that the whole world becomes more connected, more colorful and more sensual, and in which the mere thought of the beloved triggers a wave of joy. This joyful trembling is what tantric yoga offers to bring into daily life through our practice—into all of the interactions we have with the physical world.  One way to tap into the vibration of unconditional love is to work with the heart chakra. In many traditions, the heart space is considered to be the seat of the soul, our true divine nature.  In the heart chakra, we encounter the question of whether we can unconditionally accept ourselves and our world—and thus enter the field of infinite joy, inner freedom and pleasure that is always present within us, but usually obscured by our constantly thinking mind.  This book will help you to open your heart more and more to the world, to feel the field of love in a more profound way and to integrate it into your life. Andreas Ziörjen's most powerful book yet, “Awakening the Spiritual Heart“ will help you discover a side of yourself that knows the true beauty of life.