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Pierre Schwob
AWE: A technothriller
Pic de Lucrète and his expert team at a bleeding-edge research institute, discover that a climate tipping point will be reached far sooner than anticipated. They must supercharge AI to reveal fake news and prevent a global catastrophe. But adversarial interests in the fossil fuel industry, led by a psychopath with ties to Putin and his oligarchs, will stop at nothing to prevent them from succeeding – from virulent disinformation to murderous violence. From Silicon Valley to Tokyo, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Beijing, AWE is a fast-paced and prescient technothriller crackling with... all sorts of intelligence.
Amazon reviewer: Archie Forrest

If you care about the future of our planet, if you enjoy science fiction when it's superbly written, wildly imaginative and unfailingly witty, this is the book for you. The author knows his stuff, and the impeccably researched journey through the ways in which our future can be saved from its currently terminal destiny are laid out through the adventures of an enthralling cast of characters, from the heroic to the demonic. This is a page-turner, stunningly inventive. Awe, the book's title, is not only what we are invited to feel in order to respect the miraculous universe of which we are a part - and only respect will ensure our survival as the universe's acolytes - it is what you will feel with respect to this wonderful book. Such superlative writing is a tribute to the capacities of life itself, celebrated to the full in Pierre Schwob's glorious fiction.

Amazon verified purchase by Loganre

Why are the powers-at-be always interested in technology? Because it leads to world power. Or, in the case of this book, preserves the world power of the powers-at-be. Afterall it was basic physics that unlocked the strong nuclear force that became hydrogen bombs that could vaporize millions.

In reading AWE you will get an insider’s look at the next level of physics/technology (still fictional, that's why it’s a novel) as chatted about by fictional characters “in the business”. There are good James Bond types and evil Dr. No types for your entertainment.

After reading this book you will better know the jargon around things like AI (in the book the next level AI called AWE [Artificial Wisdom Engine]), space elevators, and climate modeling.

If the book American Prometheus can lead to a movie called Oppenheimer which can lead to an Oscar then a book called AWE should become a movie to tell what is possible.

Amazon verified purchaser: My Review

AWE is a smart and superbly written page-turner, addressing some of the critical issues of today: AI, climate change, and fake news. The story follows a memorable cast of characters, led by renaissance man Pic de Lucrète and young, brilliant young mathematician Lily Lee, a wise ex-SecDef, and a Japanese magnate and his daughter as they race against time to avert disaster. They face lethal threats from a monstruous opponent. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping also make appearances. The book underscores the urgent need for humanity to transcend geopolitical divides and harness collective intelligence to address critical global issues. A great, enriching read that made me think and often laugh out loud.

PS: I hope the author’s next novel will also feature Pic and Lily. What a great team!