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Devils in the Details calls for the rise of modern Devil's Advocacy to help reduce risk and manage uncertainty. Through discussion and examples, this book challenges decision-makers from the CEO to the newly minted manager to think and act like a modern Devil's Advocate. Inside you'll discover: - The origin of devil's advocacy and why modern Devil's Advocates are needed today - Why we need to regularly challenge our formal processes, including so-called best practices - Different kinds of thinking and common biases and fallacies that can cloud our decision-making - How to create real arguments with premises that support reasoned conclusions - Practical tools from simple lists to dynamic simulation models, their strengths and weaknesses - How to embrace modern Devil's Advocacy for diverse and useful dissent without impeding progress

This is an excellent, well written and thought provoking book. The author starts by giving a history of devil's advocacy, before outlining it's relevance for business. Cognitive biases are discussed, and chapter 4 (which provides a range of tools) makes this a very useful book indeed. I read this book in just three sittings: it is compelling and logical. Highly recommended.


This book couldn’t be more important and more relevant than it is right now. If our educational system focused more on critical thinking and analysis, we might have a nation better prepared for the onerous challenges we face now and surely, for the foreseeable future. Well written and accessible to all audiences.

Join me for a Discussion on Modern Devil’s Advocacy

I’ll be discussing modern Devil’s Advocacy on Thursday, November 12th at 1:30 PM (ET) with Adrian Reed, author, speaker, consultant, and principal of Blackmetric Business Solutions.

This casual and open exchange of ideas will be informative and useful to anyone responsible for decision-making, such as business analysts and project managers, including both experienced practitioners in senior roles and those who are early in their careers.