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K.C. Turner
K.C. Turner, author
He’s out of prison. His targets are set. And she’s one of them. Elizabeth Strong had hoped after all this time, Steve Robinson would leave her alone. But his message is clear. He’s not only coming for her; he also has his sights set on another woman who refused to testify against him back then. But since recently being made an unwilling accomplice to Robinson’s current criminal empire, she immediately goes to Elizabeth for help. With at least one dirty cop in the Silverton Police Department, and Detective Martinez being relegated to desk duty, the stakes are higher for both women this time around. As the dangerous cat-and-mouse-game is just beginning, can Elizabeth and Martinez find a way to clean up the local police department and finally extract Steve Robinson from Elizabeth’s life for good? Or will she be plunged back into the path of the destruction that’s been following her for the past six years?