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Baby Out of Wedlock: Co-Parenting Basics from Pregnancy to Custody
Baby Out of Wedlock is the first and only guidebook written specifically to help the millions of unmarried parents who find themselves involved in an unexpected pregnancy. This book answers all the basic questions regarding paternity tests, co-parenting relationships, child custody laws, visitation rights, support payments, and much more. The result is a better relationship with your co-parent and lower attorney fees. Each author has had a child born out of wedlock, each has stumbled through terrible custody battles, and each has made many rookie mistakes—so their advice comes from real-world experience. The information offered here could quite literally save you thousands of dollars, especially if you and your co-parent both read it. Once you both understand what to expect, there’ll be no reason for costly custody battles. By reading this book, you’ll learn how to write an effective Parenting Plan and how to enforce it without repeated trips back to court. Since the authors have experience in both the mother’s and father’s perspective on these issues, you’ll gets balanced, gender-neutral advice on how to protect your parental rights while learning how to get along with your co-parent for the long-term.