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Dennis Consorte
Back After Burnout
Burnout didn’t kill me, but if I gave it too much of a chance, it would have. As an entrepreneur, I’ve gone through several periods of burnout and one big one that forced me to reinvent myself completely. I lost my sense of purpose. I was depressed and experienced a complete loss of interest in my work. It affected my mental and physical health, impacted my income, and strained my relationships. In this book, I tell my story, and show you how to overcome burnout, how to find purpose in life again, and how to utilize MASHPLAY™ (Mindset, Acceptance, Symptoms, Habits, Purpose, Leadership, Accountability, and Yourself) and other sustainable frameworks for recovery.
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A forthright and easy-to-follow resource for longevity and fulfillment on your career path, Back After Burnout by Dennis Consorte is a timely and relatable guidebook. Structuring the text around the MASHPLAY framework – Mindset, Acceptance, Symptoms, Habits, Purpose, Leadership, Accountability, and Yourself – readers are told how to identify, navigate, and mitigate the most common crises for working professionals. With actionable examples of failing forward and overcoming exhaustion in productive and progressive ways, the book offers concise, practical solutions that entrepreneurs and businesspeople can implement for a successful work-life balance. Low on fluff and repetitive information, this compendium of authors employs accessible and empathetic language, lacing the advice with an assured sense of authenticity and authority.

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Back After Burnout is a motivational self-help book written primarily by Dennis Consorte. With a profound understanding of the challenges faced by professionals dealing with burnout, this book offers a comprehensive roadmap to recovery spanning thirty-three chapters.

As the book begins, the author candidly shares his journey through burnout. He delves into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly its role in "The Great Resignation," and how it shaped his own burnout experience. What follows is a masterpiece dedicated to helping readers find professional joy and embark on a transformative journey toward burnout recovery. The book introduces the innovative MASHPLAY™ framework, a collection of powerful tools and ideas that serve as its foundation. It incorporates the author's unique lessons, invaluable advice, and personal stories. Furthermore, it features insights from esteemed experts such as Dr. Mark Goulston, Dr. Troy Hall, Kevin Hogan, and Larry Sharpe. Their contributions enrich the book, offering diverse perspectives and expert guidance that complement the author's work.

There are several aspects of this book that I truly appreciate. First, the language used throughout is refreshingly simple and easy to grasp. The author's inclusion of personal anecdotes enhances the relatability of the discussed concepts, which I found to be a valuable touch. Additionally, the book offers practical and actionable exercises that are easy to follow, making it a genuinely useful resource. One particular highlight for me was the breakdown of the concept of "Ikigai." While I had heard of this term before, the author's explanation and application in exercises clarified it for me in a way that I hadn't previously understood. I was also impressed by the extensive research that underpins the book, especially in the development of the MASHPLAY™ framework. The author builds upon existing work and optimizes it for the reader's ease and efficiency. Also, the inclusion of free downloadable resources with links within the book is a thoughtful addition, enhancing the overall value of the book.

My only criticism lies in its length. Although the book lacks redundant pages or chapters, it is undeniably a lengthy read. While the content is engaging, I would have preferred a slightly shorter version for the sake of brevity. This is my personal opinion.

I found only two errors in the book. The book was professionally edited. Therefore, I rate this book five out of five stars. I found the book insightful and encouraging. I was very satisfied with the book and will be reading it again, putting to work the lessons I picked up from it. As a result, I could not rate it any lower. I recommend this book to employees, business owners, and anyone experiencing burnout.