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Bad Press
As a publicist for a PR firm in Los Angeles, Delilah Sheppard’s career is all about looking good. But it appears as though her days of putting together press releases for celebrity heiresses and misbehaving musicians are finally numbered. Dee is headed to Portland to complete a test assignment for a hotel client, which will earn her that long overdue-promotion. All she must do is rebrand the hotel’s image and reign in its headline-generating playboy-of-a-General Manager. Samuel Monroe has been GM of his father’s high-end hotel since college and is anxious to take over completely if only his dad would retire once and for all. Sam knows his father’s hesitation is probably due to Sam’s tendency to generate bad press every now and again. Sure, he dates his fair share of women and has been known to be photographed around town with them, but what’s the big deal? Isn’t all press, good press? With news of a publicist coming to tell him how to behave and what to say, Sam is more resolute than ever that he should be able to run the hotel however he pleases, and date whomever, or however many, women he likes.When Sam and Dee happen to meet the night before she begins her assignment, unaware of their true identities, the romantic sparks that fly between them become explosive when they meet again in the boardroom. Sam finds himself confronted as everything he thought he knew about business and duty is flipped upside down. Dee comes face-to-face with her imposter syndrome and obsession with looking good, making her question everything she thought she wanted. Falling in love while at war is only half their problem. Sam and Dee are about to make even more bad press.