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Paperback Details
  • 01/2016
  • 978-1508993612 B01AI8RV0A
  • 62 pages
  • $12.95
Balance - An Interactive Workbook for Self-Coaching

Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Market)

Whether you are new to Personal Development or not,
this workbook will kick-start your growth.

You will take a closer look at your:

  • Future – your goals, dreams and aspirations
  • Present – the reality check section
  • Past – have a look at it, take the good from it and leave the rest where it belongs – in the past

Step by step you will:

  • Explore and gather facts about what is working and what is not working in your life
  • Consider what jumped out at you after the exploration
  • Think about an action plan
  • Consider who can hold you accountable for your chosen actions
  • Remember what not to forget
  • Create an affirmation for yourself to sum it all up

The Benefits - You will:

  • Raise your awareness - change your perspective
  • Gain clarity
  • Have a better sense of direction for your life and goals
  • Know which actions to take to move forward
  • Be a lot wiser regarding what changes to make and in what order.

If you are ready to start making some changes,
this book is for you.

It will guide you on to the path of personal growth and development in your own time, in privacy. 

There are plenty of  assessment and profiling tools offering you insight relating to WHO you are. (MBTI, Enneagram etc.)
Explore HOW you are with this new self-coaching workbook - give yourself a 'reality check', in your own time, at home, on the plane, over the weekend ... whenever, wherever.

Paperback Details
  • 01/2016
  • 978-1508993612 B01AI8RV0A
  • 62 pages
  • $12.95