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Stephen Shaiken
Bangkok Blues

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Wealthy American expat Glenn Murray Cohen, a former criminal defense lawyer, is celebrating his birthday in Bangkok for the thirteenth year in a row. It’s been four years since his last tangle with danger, when he and his NJA Club friends battled North Koreans and an American traitor. Since then, Glenn’s been stuck in a rut, managing the career of Phil Funston, Bangkok’s most talented guitarist and most obnoxious foreign resident. Glenn’s sense of honor won’t let him abandon Phil until he finds a replacement. His enigmatic friend, the General, offers to find one if Glenn will represent him on a business deal, and Glenn reluctantly accepts. When the buyers turn out to be thugs pursuing an American scientist investigating a mysterious virus from China, Glenn and the NJA gang are again drawn into a web of intrigue and danger. Another exotic thriller from a master of the genre.