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Sara Cleveland
Bared Magic
The girl with the golden hair... Siphons are rare creatures, supposedly born of the union of human and fae blood. How she got her ability doesn't much matter to Wynne; all she knows is it's a death sentence or worse if the wrong people find out about her gift. It's too bad she was never very good at minding her own business. ... and the bear who loved her. An old curse grows stronger, leaving Callum Bertram sleepless and desperate. He thinks he's found a temporary solution until a pretty young woman accidentally uses up his sleeping charm. Now, this werebear suddenly finds himself craving something more than a good night's sleep.
Self-Publishing Review

A creative work of romantic fantasy, Bared Magic by Sara R. Cleveland deftly straddles the two genres, which will be satisfying to both sets of readers. Wynne, a woman with a coveted magical talent, flees from her pursuers and lands in the arms of Callum, a handsome werebear, in this delightfully whimsical and romantic retelling of the Goldilocks story. With a charming mixture of sweet tension and suspense, the couple learns about each other while traversing an enchanting fantasy land filled with benevolent witches, malicious lords, and perilous curses. Bared Magic is a “just right” brew of fights and flirtations with a perfect ending setup for a fairy-tale sequel. ★★★★½