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Barely Ecstatic: A Cobey Muller Book
Painters of historic nudes said NO to G-strings, and so does Cobey Muller, a genial retired trucker whose goal is a high stakes contest of naked art for everyman, to equal classic nudes cherished by connoisseurs of fine art. Cobey hits the road in his exotic sports car to recruit the hottest pole dancers from strip clubs and gyms around the country. He finds Folly of the great legs, the Green Mamba, cloaked in a snake tattoo, and Perfect Storm, a champion from distant Moldova, among a bevy of dancers who have seen it all – and done it all. For Cobey, elite performance is all about grace in motion, and it’ll take more than parted legs for a dancer to win his Million Dollar Pole Ride. When Cobey’s partners try to fix the winner, Cobey struggles to keep it straight, and the contest gets blown wide open with an amazing result.