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Tammy Andresen
Baron of Clubs
Mysterious and larger than life, this baron might not have been the best choice for elopement… Lady Elizabeth Stanton needed to wed quickly in order to save her brother but running away with a rakehell of a baron…. Cryptically quiet, the Baron of Clubs is the definition of the strong and silent sort of fellow. As frightening as he is handsome, he steals her breath with every penetrating glance from his hazel gaze. There’s no turning back, however, once she leaves London with her new fiancé. Besides, he’s already protected her once, even she can attest to that. But as she leaves the security of her family and heads off on a larger-than-life adventure with a complete stranger, she has to wonder if this mad journey to Scotland was the largest mistake of her life or her first step toward becoming a woman all her own. And as her fear heats into passion, she must also wonder about the man who’s swept into her life, carried her off from her home, and rewritten her entire world. Because, if she’s not careful, he might just steal her heart too.