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Siti Sulianah
BE BRAVE: Uncensored Motivational Quotes
S.Sulianah, author

Adult; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Market)

BE BRAVE: Uncensored Motivational Quotes is more than a collection of motivational quotes. The Author, S.Sulianah had written in such a way that one does not have to view life's challenges in a single way and what we assumed society wants us to. The quotes also includes stories that you can relate to your own life. Making you feel good is one thing, but making sure that the people around you aren't negatively influencing you is another in such a way as to make you feel inadequate about yourself. Building self-esteem and seeing the positive side of situations necessitates a holistic approach. Keeping quiet about what you don't like may not address the situation because not everyone shares your point of view. These uncensored quotes are not merely to make you feel better. These are quotes that may be used in your everyday life and can be relied on whenever you need a good get-up-and-go.
Sulianah offers a compendium of original maxims, thoughts, and advice for readers eager for continual inspiration, with the promise that, even when the material gets frank or challenging, the author will resist the urge to censor. Sharing a few lines or even short paragraphs on each page on a host of topics, Sulianah urges readers toward self love and acceptance (“Believe in yourself even though others do not believe in you”), overcoming self doubt (“You can overcome anything in your life. The question is whether you want to”), and understanding and even exiting unhealthy relationships (“Do not make compromises when others devalue you as a person.”)

The result reads like the advice a friend might want to offer to someone caught in an unhealthy relationship or situation but at times, out of politeness, might soft-pedal. No soft-pedaling here, though: “If someone cannot accept who you are, why are you desperate to be who they want you to be?” asks Sulianah, whose experience as a poet shines through in the crisp, direct, at times epigrammatic prose. While generally upbeat and encouraging, Sulianah’s straight talk at times comes with sharp elbows: one chapter is titled “Confidently Respond to Certified Idiots,” which addresses situations like the boss who won’t listen, acquaintances who ask to borrow money, and how to respond when someone raises their voice.

The thread tying the at times loosely organized advice together is “be brave,” and in entries that range from a couple quick, sharp lines to ones that share a personal anecdote and spread across a couple pages, Sulianah identifies familiar, relatable real-life situations and practical, self-preserving guidance for how to handle them. Throughout, the imperative to be courageous and to protect one’s self worth shines through: “Not even your parents are allowed to make you feel down about yourself,” Sulianah declares, and readers seeking encouragement will find much to buoy themselves here.

Takeaway: These clear, practical, original inspirational quotes urge readers to prioritize their self worth.

Great for fans of: David D. Burns’s Ten Days to Self-Esteem, Shad Helmstetter’s What to Say When You Talk to Yourself.

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