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Rodolfo Carrillo
BE-ing Leadership
Are you DO-ing leadership or BE-ing a leader? You’re working hard, you’re giving your team all the tools they need, you’ve taken the courses, yet it seems like you have to be involved in every important decision. You know your team can do so much better, something’s holding them back, and you’re not sure on how to lead them to the next level. This book presents you with the SER model which will: Show you how to navigate the inner complexity of being a leader Allow you to understand how, you are probably holding your team back Give you a roadmap and the tools you need to expand your leadership Show you the principles that propel a conscious leader’s influence Allow you to expand your influence as you transcend your limits Help you evolve so your team and company can also evolve SER is the verb to be in Spanish. The SER model is designed to allow us to navigate the inner complexities of being human and be whatever we choose to be. After this book you will never see yourself the same way again. The SER model will give you the tools to transform yourself and help your team get to the next level. Your team and all around you will recognize, appreciate and thank you for this. Leadership is not a title, it’s a way of BE-ing.