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Bob Asher
Bear Trap
Bob Asher, author
The Russians have invaded America to bring a defector, former KGB Colonel Oleg Karpinsky, back to the Motherland. Days after the Berlin Wall came down Karpinsky defected. Thirty years later, Dr. Karpinsky is a respected CIA scientist conducting research in the paranormal sciences. He uses a method like ESP called Remote Viewing to gather intelligence on America’s enemies and allies. He is enjoying his annual winter vacation in an isolated cabin in the frozen Alaskan wilderness with his personal security detail (PSD) when the NSA intercepts a message from the Kremlin ordering his covert extraction. Attempts to warn them via their satellite phone go unanswered. The President orders the Pentagon to retrieve them before the Russians can attack. There’s only one problem. Alaska is experiencing severe icing weather that has grounded all military air assets within range of the cabin except for a lone Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter on the ramp at Homer Airport. The Pentagon scrambles to assemble an ad hoc rescue team for a possible suicide mission facing a highly trained team of Spetsnaz operators. Can Jon Smith and his ragtag group of Red Shirts save Karpinsky before time runs out?