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Perry Kay
Beautiful Heartbreak
Perry Kay, author

"Beautiful Heartbreak" is a seamlessly weaved story of Depression, PTSD, and Anorexia, depicted through a collection of poems. Perry Kay opens a little crack in the world of those who battle their minds every day.
From the depths of pain and despair beautiful art was born, hence the title "Beautiful Heartbreak". Through every step in her recovery and personal journey, Perry writes poetry. Her goal with this book is to spread more Mental Health awareness and to normalize and expose the dark and ugly side of Mental Illness. The media will only show you so much, the skinny girl who nibbles on celery and. the pretty girl who cries mascara tears. Beautiful Heartbreak however, will give you more. It will give you the truth. So, grab a box of tissues or glass of wine and get ready to cry, scream, get angry, feel raw fear and pain, through the author's writing.