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  • 09/2014
  • 9780993758607 B00NJBHSXY
  • 388 pages
  • $6.99
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  • 09/2014
  • 0993758614
  • 388 pages
  • $18.99
Jack Langedijk

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Robert had reached the summit of many mountains. His adventures took him to unimaginable heights, yet his greatest achievements were not in conquering these majestic beauties, but in his ability to reach people in need. That is, until he's the one facing the toughest climb of his life.

Roberto Sanchez is living the dream; one could say the man had it all. He is blessed with a beautiful wife and daughter who complete him. A career that reaches at-risk kids that brings him true joy. Then a tragic accident leads Robert to a chasm of dark despair. Although his interventions have reached many, he found he is incapable of helping himself off the edge of a cliff, jeopardizing his career, his marriage, and himself.

because takes us on a journey of two Roberts as he struggles to find a way to once again believe.

AMAZON.CA TOP 100 REVIEWER - Charles Dimov

I cannot say enough about Jack Langedijk's book. I just finished reading it - and am feeling completely inspired.

For anyone facing change, a challenge, or hardship - this is a wonderful book to read. It takes you through a tragic part of a remarkable man's life... and looks at his transformation and ability to cope/or not - with the biggest hurdle of his life.

It is a fantastic character development story, with an emotional punch. If you are going through any hardship, or challenge - you will want to read Because. There were emotional moments that gripped you in a pit of despair... with a breakthrough moment that brings you back to that sense of clarity - to see the path forward.

This gripping novel has renewed my own hope in my personal challenges.

If you are looking for an inspiring novel - to get you back on your feet and ready to re-appreciate life... this is the one for you!I loved every minute of it!I will be recommending Because to my friends! :-)


...Reading Jack’s first novel the first response is one of surprise that a man who has not published before writes so succinctly and professionally and passionately. His language is at all times appropriate to his characters and the people who he has created as characters are so three-dimensional they seem like familiar friends....

Superb writing and a thoughtful story make this a book that deserves not only a wide reading audience but seems molded for a film. Highly Recommended.

Archit Ojha

Deeply and Imaginatively Crafted!

I had been traveling for a long time and I couldn't find much time to read. But once I did, I was unstoppable. The book didn't let me put it down for a while.

And when I did finish reading it, all I felt was - invincible.

These invincibility notions can be created only by innovative books like it!

It is narrated in different timelines but it doesn't seem as a barrier to the plot rather it was the strongest and thoughtful theme that made it an excellent narrative.

In between these perfect shifts from past to present, the author has portrayed many engaging events that fueled my excitement all the while. His work is commendable.

It was a perfect blend of inventiveness, creativity and raw emotions. Something you rarely get to see. Another thing that I adored about it was how believable the characters were! I kept relating myself from one to another.

because is the book that truly demonstrates that the author has an exceptional talent for storytelling. I appreciated his writing style very much. Engaging and arresting.

In the end, I feel overwhelmed to have read a book of a life-time. I would suggest it to everyone who are searching for an inspirational and thought-provoking read.

This is the kind of book that demands your attention and asks you to contemplate about your thought process and way of living.

The cover is designed miraculously. If you are the person who judges a book by its cover, then in this one, you'll never go wrong.
I've always been a fan of books that give me the feeling that I'm reading something extraordinary.
This book functioned really well for me. And I had nothing in my mind but to enjoy it.
It was an experience beyond explanation.

Jack A. Langedijk I read you loud and clear.

It's needless to say that I am inclined to see more of the author's work.

Verdict : You must not miss a powerful and moving story like this.

GOODREADS - Michael Head

Langedijk explores the depths of human suffering in a realistic, uplifting way. His characters deal with real and relatable issues that affect so many people today, especially the young. By showing the universality of depression and suicidal thoughts, readers are able to witness the characters’ overcoming their hardships. They find ways to cope, and to heal, that are as inspiring as they are incredible. Through all this, the characters never step beyond the limits of believability, and they must manage their relationships the same way they manage their inner demons.

IndieReader - February 2016

BECAUSE is a deeply moving, emotionally-powerful tale of intertwined lives, and of finding strength to go on in the face of utter despair. There are multiple stories braided into the main plot, as each of the characters has a voice and a tale of their own. Robert’s story, therefore, is reflected in the stories of those he’s helped as well as those who want to help him, giving the book a multifaceted perspective and adding deeper emotional and philosophical layers to the plot. This is a heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting book, and there isn’t a character who doesn’t have a substantial, painful tragedy to wrestle with. At times, the book is almost too chock full of tragedy and inspirational recovery – it can be a bit overwhelming, even occasionally cloying. The encounter near the end also has a flavor of deus ex machina-level coincidence to it, too. Still, the characters’ emotions on the whole have real genuineness and force behind them, and their discussion and analyses of their situations are both thoughtful and compelling.

BECAUSE is a book full of both emotional intensity and real philosophical and psychological insight.

Kirkus Reviews Magazine - August 15 2015 Issue

A caring counselor with all the answers is sent into a tailspin after a tragic climbing accident on Mount Everest...

Langedijk has lots to say about courage, compassion, redemption, and self-worth...

Meditations on some of life’s biggest questions as told through some harrowing experiences...

Midwest Book Review - Small Press Bookwatch Magazine November 2015 Issue

A deftly crafted novel and an absorbing read from beginning to end, "because" is a compelling and thoroughly entertaining novel that documents author Jack Langedijk's truly exceptional storytelling skills. Very highly recommended for community library General Fiction collections...

The Page-Hungry Bookworm

"Because" is an uplifting read. I simply can't express my feelings about this book in a nutshell. It causes multiple emotions to stir up in the mind and persistently tries to connect you with the thoughts that lie at the core of this greatly inspiring story. I guess I should start with the title. It immediately makes you think unlike some titles which are very self-explanatory. I was curious about it when I started reading the book but I arrived at some kind of an answer only after completing the read. It surely leaves plenty of room for thought and I will not reveal my conclusions here as that might hinder another person's venture to find the underlying meaning. However, I felt I had to mention the title as I believe it is another positive aspect of this impeccable novel. The story we have here is the story of a person who is robbed of his ability to do what he desires to do. It is the story of someone who wants to keep fighting and who does so with incredible strength and will power. As we read, we confront the different emotional conflicts faced by Roberto. Each time, he impresses us. He is not an infallible hero but he is a hero who takes on life's challenges very boldly, setting an example for others. This brave protagonist wins a place for himself in our hearts with his never-say-die spirit and passion for helping those that require it. Needless to say, he drives the course of this novel which, in my opinion, is a perfectly executed work.

Moving on to other things, the writing is captivating. Of course, it takes a brilliant writer to give shape to such a strong protagonist. Langedijk has done a commendable job not only with the portrayal of his protagonist, but also with the beautiful description of nature and its influence on human feelings. There are many people who cope with newer struggles everyday like Roberto in this novel. This is a book which is very close to reality and is not in the least far fetched. That being said, I'd like to finish off this review with one last comment--go ahead and read this book if you're being let down by seemingly never-ending frustrations; if not, read it anyway. This is one of those rare books that truly inspire. If you're still asking yourself why you should read this--because it will help you believe in yourself, yes, that's how I am going to reply to that question!

Tom Bruce READER

I have read hundreds and hundreds of books, and this has become one of my favorites. Robert has two passions in life: helping teenagers overcome personal challenges, most of them self-induced, and climbing mountains. He comes up with an ingenious plan to combine both into one and then tragedy strikes. As I came to the last third of the book, the suspense was so powerful, that I couldn't wait to learn if Robert could provide help for himself as he had done for countless others. Coincidentally, Robert was also faced with helping employees of three companies that were merging into one to face those challenges, the exact same situation that I have in my life. The author used his life experience and great ability to write to help me overcome my personal doubts regarding this situation. In fact, I am going to pass this book around to my fellow employees to inspire them to overcome our current situation. Thank you, Mr. Langedijk. One thing I found hard to believe: That this is his debut novel. What a gifted novelist. Can't wait for more.

e-Scribes - UK

We find this a skillful, thoughtful and deeply moving novel... and it's an inspiration to anyone who knows someone in this situation, or whose physical life as they knew it has been unexpectedly curtailed. This book is a life lesson from which we will all extract our own, differing, narratives.

Gretchen Johnsrud READER:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. At first, I liked it but then it just kept getting better and better and I couldn't put it down because I was so engaged in the characters stories. It was inspiring, heartfelt, encouraging, moving, touching and hopeful. The author moved from past to present, back and forth to weave it all together and it was perfect, not confusing like some books I've read that moved around in time. There are actually great lessons for life even though it is a fictional novel. Great book and I'm suggesting it to friends and family!

Ebook Details
  • 09/2014
  • 9780993758607 B00NJBHSXY
  • 388 pages
  • $6.99
Paperback Details
  • 09/2014
  • 0993758614
  • 388 pages
  • $18.99