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Neale Sourna
Author, Editor (anthology)
Becca DuMaurier
Neale Sourna, author

In the middle of the 1688 Invasion of Britain, willful Lady Becca, a widowed African British Royal Court favorite flees marriage with a close friend, an older English earl and famous general, for a Catholic African Irish gentleman pirate, she hardly knows.

            It's 1688 AD, in the midst of the "Glorious Revolution," another British civil war between Protestants and Catholics with interested international players from Catholic France and Ireland, plus the Protestant Netherlands from whom England “invites” an invading force Britain’s loathed Catholic king with a new Dutch Protestant one.

            But wealthy widow Rebecca DuMaurier, a brown-skinned African British royal court favorite has more personal cares. She’s running from a forced marriage to a famous white-haired earl and heroic general; going to her birth home in her stormy ocean-tossed Cornwall county, just to find a moment to breathe and think; but a many-faced Irish Catholic pirate troubling the Protestant English now sails her shores, walks among her neighbors and servants, and hides his ship in a cliff cove near her home.

            Becca’s beloved rocky, treacherous Cornish coast proves a slippery stepping stone for the lively courtier runaway bride, her soldier English fiancé, and an intriguing, enigmatic gentleman and self-professed pirate with brown skin, many accents and faces Lady Becca will meet when he saves her life then steals her heart. However, her soldier is a tenacious man and it’ll take more than the ends of the earth and the wide ocean to escape his reach. Plus, on a ship of pirates, who’s to say all of them will welcome the lady's entry into their captain’s life.

Historical Romantic Adventure Fiction

Formats pending: epub, mobi / kindle, print (trade, hardcover)

Pending publish date: July / August 2020

[Includes: Charles II of England, James II of England, Nell Gwynn, pirates, Whitehall Palace, Glorious Revolution, British Restoration...]