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Elizabeth Rose
A dark man with a soul that is doomed for all eternity finds hope in the presence of a beautiful fae of light. Darium Blackseed is convinced his destiny has been determined from birth. Being the eldest of the three brothers, he is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps, being the Sin Eater of the land of Mura. Taking on the sins of the dead isn’t a hard job, but it dooms one’s soul to The Dark Abyss for all eternity at death. Everyone fears a Sin Eater. Darium has accepted that he will never have a chance to find love in this lifetime, since no woman would purposely go anywhere near a man like him. When a tear in the veil between two worlds appears, a portal opens to the Land of the Dead. Spirits and dark entities start to emerge, and Darium must do whatever it takes to close it. Talia-Glenn is an Elemental of the Earth. With her race at risk of dying out, she seeks out the help of a sage. But when a Sin Eater gets in her way, she is forced to face the feared man. Sure, he saved her life, but now he refuses to help with her request. She needs him to enter the Land of the Dead through the portal, to seek out her dead father and bring back valuable information that is detrimental to the Fae. A Sin Eater is the only one who can do this and survive. Will a plan that goes awry doom more than just a Sin Eater to a destiny where happiness can never exist? Or will the love between a dark man and a fae of light, heal a dreaded fate that was never meant to be?