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Bedside Manner
Jay Glendell, author

Adult; Memoir

Patients often discuss the accomplishments of their doctors. A critical qualification always includes the physician's "Bedside Manner." When selecting a doctor, it is usually a deal maker or breaker. Medical schools have more recently implemented training for providing a caring demeanor when attending to patients. Molding a physician's character, however, may take years of experience. The incidents that a doctor responds to can be light or severe, humorous, or life-changing. This blog chronicles some early adventures in the life of this physician as a medical student and practitioner. If these stories spark some interest, provide a comment on a visit, you've had with a physician that revealed an exceptionally good or bad bedside manner. An individual's or health care facility's name or title is not permissible when commenting.
Guadalajara International Book Fair

Waking Dead by Jay Glendell will be displayed at the book fair in Guadalajara, Mexico from November 30 - December 8 2019.