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Belladonna's Kiss

Adult; Romance; (Market)

Belladonna--deadly, beautiful, and Renaissance Florence's best-kept secret. They hide in plain sight, disguised as nuns. But the Belladonna don't spend their days praying. Instead, Florence's elite female assassins scale walls and poison their enemies--wealthy men who abuse their wives. Until a shocking death throws Florence into chaos. Lorenzo de' Medici is dead. Florence is in chaos. Can an assassin bring peace to a warring city? Serena Fortuna has enough problems on her hands. Her best friend disappeared six months ago. The head of the Belladonna won't answer her questions. And now she's going undercover in the Medici Palace, home to Europe's richest and most ruthless family. When a groom named Matteo throws a wrench in Serena's plans, she has to scramble to stay ahead of her enemies. Enter the fast-paced world of the Belladonna in Book 1 of the Belladonna's Kiss Trilogy.