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Tara Marlow
Beneath the Surface
Tara Marlow, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

They’re on the run. Grace doesn’t know why but her father insists it's the only way.

She’s clinging to her mantra: ‘Finish high school. Turn eighteen. Freedom.

She’s almost there but now she’s wondering if she can survive that long. Her father has never been father of the year.

Since landing in Sydney, her recurring nightmares are coming hard and fast. A red suitcase. Thorns. A phone number she can’t remember. And blood. Way too much blood.

What does it all mean?

Her friendship with Lowell may be her lifeline. But there is risk in trusting someone. Life-altering risks.

If Grace only knew who she really was, and what the nightmares were trying to tell her.

Beneath the Surface is a gripping suspense that will have you on the edge of your seat, cheering on this young woman as she discovers her truth.



this book was phenomenal! i won't give anything away, but i thought the story flowed incredibly well. and i love when there's a twist at the end that makes you go back through the book and go "oh yeah!!" as you connect all of the pieces. it's a short read but it leaves you saying "oh that was a fantastic end" while yearning for more. really well done and fantastic for an author writing in this genre for the first time.

Vickie Waters (Toothpick)

These are just some of the words to describe Beneath the Surface. It is the first book by Tara Marlow that I have read. She is such a good author and the book is so well-written. The warning that she gives the readers that there are possible triggers for some people is appreciated and definitely needed. 
I can't say enough about this book. I would give it six stars if I could.

FINALIST: 16th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards

Well this is a lovely thing to find in the inbox… 


It is our sincere pleasure to inform you that you are a Finalist in the 16th Annual National Indie Excellence® Awards.  Your book embodies the standards of excellence that this award was created to celebrate. We salute your talents and our jurors truly respect each of the final works that are honored this year. 

My second novel, ‘Beneath the Surface’, won a finalist award in the (U.S.) National Indie Excellence Awards. I’m doing a happy dance. (Picture a middle-aged white woman doing a jig - I admit, it’s not a pretty sight..)

I am so proud of this book. It was the first book I wrote (although second to publish). I submitted it for this award a few months ago and, with everything else going on, I’d forgotten I’d submitted it! Oops?

There was one winner, and five finalists in the Suspense category, and looking at the other books (which I’ll be sharing in my mid-monthly newsletter), I’m excited to be in such great company!