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Melissa Groeling
Between the Dark Spaces
When sixteen-year-old Aris Black finds Chapman Woolfe bleeding to death in an alley, she has no idea what kind of catastrophe this encounter will kick off. Up until that point, her life was pretty quiet. She went to school, worked part-time as a waitress, and she took care of her father, who was a recovering heroin addict. It was a struggle but they made it work. So what did Chapman Woolfe have to do with any of it? Answer: everything. Chapman Woolfe was drowning. He can barely handle his first job, his grades were horrible and one of his closest friends was fighting a losing battle with drug addiction, which was how Chapman ended up bleeding in an alley in the first place. Meeting Aris, he thought, was a blessing. She literally saved his life. But they seemed to be the only ones who thought so. Their parents saw their meeting for what it was: a deadly avalanche that was going to bury them. Can these two teenagers work together to untangle the long-held secrets and misery that bound their families together? Or will their parents’ secrets destroy them all?