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Martha DuSage
Beyond Abuse
The devastating long-term effects of abuse quake like a volcano deep within a survivor's psyche. Beyond Abuse takes the reader on an experiential journey out of victimization and toward being empowered. Combining ancient wisdom, modern energetic healing techniques, and proven scientific research, bridging gaps to human potential. The conscious journey exponentially increases our odds of overcoming abuse's unresolved and often ignored effects.
Crafted as a “roadmap” to help survivors of abuse toward empowerment in their lives, DuSage’s empathetic guide encourages readers to undertake a searching, conscious journey of healing that entails “transform[ing] being pissed-off, numb, in denial, or hypersensitive into feeling peace and passion.” Noting that she’s taken such a journey herself, and acknowledging that sometimes stories of overcoming trauma or abuse sound too fantastical to be true, DuSage (Why Bother? Because Self-Help is Never Stupid) urges readers to avoid quick fixes, face emotional blocks or personal resistance to transformational change, break dysfunctional cycles that may result in feeling unloved, and “to take responsibility for getting ourselves out of whatever muck we are in.”

DuSage acknowledges that it’s hard work to, as she puts it, “just get over it,” and that often “truth can be so painful that it makes us feel like we want to die.” But she reminds readers that it’s unhealthy to accept anxiety or stay mired in “survival mode” rather than push oneself toward transformative change. So, writing with the upbeat, inviting tone of a coach or mentor, she lays out clear-eyed action steps toward healing, from letting go of denial to understanding and shaping one’s perceptions to speaking your own truth.

The approach is both nuts-and-bolts practical, with a chapter digging deep into the question of whether to tell one’s story to others, and encouraging of meditative practice and embracing of spirit, energy, and David R. Hawkins’s vibrational scale of consequence. DuSage is an energetic facilitator, whose practice involves helping guiding people who have suffered abuse toward transformative experiences; her treatment of energies, spirits, and vibrations here is matter of fact, with an emphasis on achieving peace and self knowledge, including of one’s “limitless limitations.” The mystic, here, is always in service of the pragmatic, of understanding, forgiving, and embracing one’s deepest self.

Takeaway: This guide to change for people who have faced abuse embraces the practical and the mystic.

Great for fans of: Mariane E. Weigley’s Abuse & Energy, Beverly Engel’s It Wasn’t Your Fault.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: B
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A