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George Marino
Author, Service Provider
Beyond Balancing the Books: Sheer Mindfulness for Professionals in Work and Life

Adult; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Market)

CPA and Mindfulness Coach, George Marino takes you on a journey to discover what he calls the “3 B’s”—Beyond, Balancing, and Books. Building on the work of scientists, mystics, poets, artists, physicians, psychologists, business leaders, accountants, other professionals—and even the wisdom of trees, you will be introduced to: ●Powerful mindfulness exercises and everyday practices you can start doing today to reconnect with your true nature ●Ways to integrate your unique set of core values, and ●An accounting tool that really counts when it comes to creating a satisfying and balanced life . Beyond Balancing the Books asks empowering questions that may rattle your current perceptions and assumptions. Marino guides you to discover what being a mindful professional really means—and why it is important for finding deep meaning and purpose in your professional work and personal life.

This inviting, clear-eyed guide from CPA and mindfulness coach Marino offers readers a step-by-step plan to becoming more mindful and present—more in the now—in their professional lives. Incorporating empowering questions, mindfulness exercises, and everyday practices of presence, Marino lays out an interactive roadmap for professionals to take the anxiety and stress out of their daily careers and begin to “awaken to a deep,abiding peace and joy—even as you are challenged and snapped at.” Offering clear comparisons and examples, and drawing on the work of the likes of Eckhart Tolle and Daniel J. Siegel, Marino makes the case that mindfulness practices can break professionals from a state of depression, stress, and anger and help lead them into a more fulfilling daily routine not only at work, but in their personal lives as well.

Marino opens by showcasing the polar opposite approaches and outcomes of a professional who works mindlessly and one who works from a place of mindfulness and “feels a sense of satisfaction with her work,mainly because it is aligned with her state and purpose.” Chapters focus on awareness, being aware of one's emotions, setting goals, and compassion for oneself and for one’s colleagues. “Compassion is innate to humans. However, many of us don’t know that yet,” Marino notes.

While much of the book focuses on creating a more organized—and more “intentional”— professional life for a target audience of CPAs and career-focused individuals, Marino’s meditations, probing questions, and instruments (including steps for increasing emotional intelligence and practicing compassionate forgiveness) apply to almost anyone facing a demanding job. As Marino points out, work increasingly overflows into home life, as millions check email or work overtime and late nights. Readers looking to incorporate mindfulness and a deeper understanding of the self and their own life goals will benefit from this look at achieving a fuller balance.

Takeaway:A welcoming, comprehensive guide to practicing mindfulness and presence in professional life.

Great for fans of: Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements.

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Cover: B
Design and typography: A
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Editing: A
Marketing copy: A

Editorial Reviews

"Full of insight and wisdom, this book offers a clear and practical path towards personal and professional well-being."
- Steve Taylor, PhD, author of The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening