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Nathan Jarelle
Beyond Poetry: Above & Beyond
In the summer of 1999, Junior (a.k.a. Leonard Gerard Robinson Jr.) is a freshman at Steny College of New York alongside Vanessa Bailey, his desirable girlfriend. Their uncensored romance appears enviable from afar, but the two lovers have an apt for trouble. They brazenly tempt fate between the sheets without protection and move carelessly throughout the book. Junior's eyebrow-raising love life isn't his only concern, however. He often battles with his older sister, Casey, over his responsibilities, and he can barely hold onto his part-time job. Instead, he is obsessed with wooing his Brooklyn-bred lover as his priorities fall to the wayside. The allure of a loving relationship fuels Junior's shortfalls in this romantic tale of reckless adolescence. Author Nathan Jarelle seduces readers with descriptive storytelling in this scathing sequel to its predecessor. Beyond Poetry: Above & Beyond delivers on every facet of the urban spectrum: romance, comedy, violence, and good old-fashioned drama. The author's use of perfectly timed dialogue is relatable, and his poetry amplifies the dilemma surrounding Junior and Vanessa's love story. Jarelle continues his throwback tour with a pit stop at the tail end of the 90s with charisma and style.