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S. H. Pratt
Beyond the Dark
S. H. Pratt, author
Malaki James knows the darkest recesses of life – knows the terrors lurking there. He’d fled the Pacific Northwest in an attempt to elude the horrors that had plagued him since childhood, vowing never to return. When life’s cruelty forces Malaki back to Washington State, he finds an unexpected light in Emsley. Emsley Dalton is no stranger to life’s dark twists. Struggling to find release from the vows that hold her bound and the soul-deep agony of loss, she finds herself wholly unprepared for the nightmare looming over Malaki. Fighting to overcome deep scars of his past and present, Malaki finds an ally in Emsley, her warmth is a beacon in the deepest of his darkest nightmares. Drawn to the emotionally battered man she knows Malaki to be, Emsley finds a new purpose in the void her life had become. But can they find a way through the nightmare? Together, there is always light Beyond the Dark.