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Beyond the Eight Foot World
Jayne Kelly, author
Albert Plevier, a twenty-four year old chemical engineer and plant production manager at a major chemical firm in New Jersey's notorious chemical industry of the 1970's, stood frozen in shock and disbelief as concentrated, hot sodium hydroxide spiraled counter clockwise toward his unprotected face and upper body. Then it hit. The liquid powered by a gas powered motor churned this caustic chemical and turned his feet into springs. This husband and father was blown back onto his left side and positioned between two metal drums and a pipe vise. The force of hundreds of gallon of the liquid kept him pinned. He was burning and melting into a world of darkness as the chemical enacted its revenge on the man responsible for its creation. Blinded by the chemical, he pulled his disentagrating body off the floor and began to crawl backward through the onslaught thinking only of seeing his family again. Married to his high school sweetheart Elaine, the handsome young couple had fourteen month old Albert Jr. and were expecting their second child. Financially secure and in love, they were living the american dream until one terrifying moment shattered their world and their future appeared as something they would need to survive instead of continuing to live joyfully. Beyond the Eight Foot World is more than the remarkable, true, inspirational story of survival, perseverance, dignity, humor, and gratitude, it is a love story. Albert and his wife Elaine, in a time in this country when the divorce rate among first marriages is between 40% and 50%, endured constant challenges and heart ache, but refused to let go of the life path they had started on. This is the story of a man who found himself and the woman he loves thrust into an existence that they would not allow to dictate their lives. Beyond the Eight Foot World is the story of a man who reaches beyond the two foot reach to the front, back, right and left of everywhere he moves when living without sight. Its the story of a man who has his sight returned twice and then has to learn both times to readjust to living in darkness until finally he must accept removal of both eyes and any hope for future return to the world of the sighted. Beyond the Eight Foot World marks the first in a series of three books of Albert and his family. You will find yourself cheering for our hero and his family in each installment as they embrace and move beyond the eight foot world.