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Earnest Lewis
Beyond the Eyes of a Believer

'A magical story told through the eyes of the bold'

"In my eight-year-old world, life felt like an imaginary tale. Throughout these years, I began to use my imagination as a stepping stone. I no longer had to wish to be healthier, because I COULD be healthier. I no longer had to wish to be normal, because I COULD be myself. I no longer wished for a superhero to save me, because I COULD be that superhero. But when an unexpected challenge threatens to shatter reality, I sought to take my power back - even if it would kill me."



Reviewed by Doreen Chombu for Readers’ Favorite

Earnest, a boy who has respiratory problems, is weighed down by life and wonders if there is more to living and the universe. He finds solace in his imaginary friends and supportive parents. After experiencing gruesome torture at the hands of his school teacher, Earnest finds himself recovering in a hospital with Bill, a mysterious man who teaches him how to harness the power of his imagination and find healing and strength to overcome his fears. His life gets back on track, but everything is not as it seems because he discovers a magical secret that can change the world's fate. Get a copy of Beyond the Eyes of a Believer by Earnest Lewis and join Earnest on his empowering journey.

Beyond the Eyes of a Believer is filled with magic, wonder, and imagination. Earnest's journey defies all odds and gives hope to anyone who has never felt worthy enough to make a change. His gradual development from a shy, tortured boy to a brave warrior was a marvelous transformation to witness. Earnest Lewis uses suspense and mystery to tell the story. He keeps the reader in the dark, and then gradually discloses key aspects of the story as shocking bombshells. I loved this because it kept me anticipating more. What makes this book unique is the way chapters are defined, like in a dictionary. It made me curious about the contents of the chapter and added intrigue to the story. The book contains eye-catching illustrations that correspond perfectly with the text and make it visually appealing to read. I liked the butterfly theme and how it aligned with Earnest's transformation. I enjoyed reading this book and hope more people read it and learn to be brave and stand up for what is right.