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Beyond the Walls
K.L. Penn., author
Kayde wears the blood of his past on his skin. The flesh of his fallen allies in his heart. And the memories of his family in his mind. A continent rose out of the ocean one day. An island that had once flourished, but was soon taken underwater. Many years later, it lived above water once more. Now called Domini, this is a book written about everything that went wrong, the death that was never meant to happen. Kayde Willows, a 15 year old boy who suffers constant ruminating thoughts and survivor's guilt after losing his family, killed by the monsters who now cohabit Domini called nair, zombie-like creatures who feed on the flesh of humans. No one knows how life was before the nair and the people of Domini believe they are the last ones left on earth. A zombie outbreak, a young boy in a world of liars and deception. Nothing is as it seems. No one is as they make you believe. Nothing is real. Nowhere is safe. Kayde makes allies, and enemies, in this strange world. On a personal mission to avenge the lives (and deaths) of his family, while keeping those he now considers family safe, Kayde sets his sight on becoming a Voyager. Warriors who go beyond the walls that keep the people confined inside to discover clues to what this world really was before the outbreak. The truth Kayde had been forced to absorb soon begins to blur with the lines of actuality.