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Bible Verses for Today - Daily Prayer Journal for Women and Daily Bible Study for Women with Bible Verses for 365 Days
- Do you ever feel like you’re struggling to read the Bible consistently? - Is your life too busy and it feels like you have no time to read your bible every day? - Do you find it hard to pick bible verses to read and know where to start? - Do you feel too tired to even get started with picking bible verses to read? - Do you feel no motivation to read bible verses daily? -Do you think that you may not have enough biblical knowledge to read bible verses daily? If your answer is yes to any of those questions please realize you are not alone.Reading the bible every day is the thing that most Christians struggle with from time to time.I myself do that too.Maybe you get so caught up in day-to-day life that you simply find it hard to find time to read your Bible Every day.As many of us do you may say: “ I’ll get around to it “later,” but then you never do.If it sound like you, you’re definitely not alone. We all struggle when it comes to spending time with God daily through His word from time to time.To help you overcome this struggle i created this book. --- How can this prayer journal help me read my bible every day? - 37 Questions to help you discover the meaning of the scripture even if you feel that you may not have enough knowledge to understand bible verses. The questions are categorized in 3 groups: * Scripture Questions: to help you understand doctrines and meanings of scripture better * Life Application Questions: to help you apply what you learned from the scripture in your everyday life to improve your daily walk with God * Prayer Questions: to help you set good motivates to pray for and keep you going in the walk with God Daily1 - About 10-15 minutes reading time a day: The verses are picked to be short that can be read while you are drinking your morning coffee or evening tea. -365 topics: The hardest part is to decide what to read every day.The daily bible reading plan gives you 1-9 short verses put together by topics.Every day you can learn something different.Using the question sheet (take it out and laminate it) write down quick notes for each bible verse.Then move on to the prayer questions and take notes on what God revealed for you to pray about. - Decorative elements on each page to color: Beautiful flowers and leaves to color to make your prayer journal look good and turning it to a memorable piece of art you can keep for the years to come.Also while coloring you can meditate on the word of God you just have read. - Large space to add planner style stickers and writing notes: Have your creative veins ready! You can prepare (print and cut) your stickers over the weekend to decorate your journal every day.This also helps you to commit for reading bible verses daily since you already put work into preparation to make the stickers for the week. - 3 full pages with bible verses to color - Large font size. Bible verses are 12 Pt - Topic index that can be used to trace your progress: You can mark the day what you've already read. Visualizing your progress may help you keep going. - Works with your favorite Bible translation The Bible verses I picked are to help you to encourage you when you go through difficult times such as questioning your faith or health issues etc. Some Bible verses are picked to teach you about The Holy Spirit,Salvation,fighting temptations and many more other things. The creative part of this prayer journal will make this journal a very memorable piece of your life that you can keep for many years.