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Amanda M. Ferris
Author, Illustrator, Contributor, Editor (anthology), Service Provider
Big, Bad Beeple Bumps
Jocelyn feels hurt and alone when her friends don't want to play her way. Shocked to hear she's come down with a case of Big, Bad Beeple Bumps, Jocelyn embarks on a journey to recovery- will she play with her friends again? Watch as Jocelyn discovers the power of difficult emotions with help from her uncle's hardworking honeybees. - Big, Bad Beeple Bumps makes it easier for parents and teachers to discuss complex topics with children, such as emotional health, self-esteem, empathy, and mental well-being. - Beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Margarita Sikorskaia - Introduces children to the honeybee and its importance - Guides the exploration of feelings and how to pay attention to emotions - Encourages empathy and kindness in children - Inspires a curiosity for nature and taking care of the environment Big, Bad Beeple Bumps’ vibrant illustrations and engaging storyline inspires discovery and a lifelong love of reading- grab your copy today!