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Paul Sinclair
Biography of a Buffoon
There is a pyramid of tyranny at the heart of the village in which many people are oppressed in one form or another, and dissonance pervades. The charlatan finds opportunity wherein the commoditization and commercialization of racial oppression is exploited. Invariably the villagers view these exploiters as advocates and leaders, as they best articulate their pain and suffering, even while exploiting both. Paul Sinclair has spent years living abroad and building a successful career in business. His experiences and knowledge have informed his observations and opinions about the African American experience that run contrary to the mainstream. While “professional blacks” lead the cause for activism and protest in response to racism and oppression in America, the fate of black America remains stagnant. Pointing out the issues—poor education, multi-generational welfare families, the single parent phenomenon—is not popular or, as Sinclair writes, profitable. Those seeking to make money at the expense of the people are clearly visible to Paul Sinclair and in Biography of a Buffoon, he confronts one of the biggest—Reverend Al Sharpton. With many sources to substantiate his claims, Sinclair relentlessly exposes Sharpton to be an opportunistic “buffoon” accompanying a long line of black “leaders” who have attached themselves to celebrities and causes that benefit their personal interests, not the people they claim to represent.