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Sarah Lindquist
Author, Illustrator
Biomech: Never Speak Their Name (Vol.2)

"Never speak Their name. Never leave loose ends."

Continuing from Biomech Vol.1:

It's been five months since Ray and the Shadow Box crew were able to stop Xham and help the country of Remore rid itself of most of its corruption. Most.

In that time though, Ray has come no closer to uncovering the deeper mysteries of his biomech Rezzel and the cydar Sy is no closer to finding his family.

What's worse is Ray has begun to lose control of his powers, Rezzel seems to be taking on a life of his own and an old enemy of the Cydarians is coming back.

In order to stop this new threat they will all have to find the only remaining Citadel located in the jungles of Maltez.

The one place nobody leaves, nobody asks questions and nobody knows why. Yet it is the only place with the answers to their questions.

The place where the lines of the Second Great Wars are ready to be drawn.