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Black Education in White America
Shukdeb Sen, author

Adult; Other Nonfiction; (Market)

Final Book Synopsis 


The book Black Education in White America opened the window to show our State of American Education in general, and in particular, the Black education. America followed segregated education since its inception. The higher education system is controlled by segregation, caste system, academic slavery, and racism.  American competitive intellectual output is falling behind globally and our educational superiority is going downhill. The nation is at risk!

Racism in America is flourishing. This book proposes a new hypothesis to explain why judges give African Americans a longer sentence than whites committing same crime/altercation in the American judicial system? Why white police officers shoot and kill black unarmed youngster?  All are tied to implicit racism and points to the neural connection of amygdala which might be the main player responsible for racism. Racism might be the rudimentary survival instinct that has been conserved in humans. Humans are racist!

Brutality of slavery and its legacy transformed a large segment of the African American population into a state of despair through the epigenetic modification of the structure of DNA that resulted neuro-behavioral, mental and other pathophysiological conditions. Toxic stress and traumatic experiences inflicted on Black people altered the function of various metabolic pathways that affected a child's cognitive abilities and executive functions via epi-genomic control passed from one generation to the next. Black education in White America provides scientific evidence which explain how slavery could inflict a kind of destruction on millions of children, women and adults.

As epigenetics and its machinery of gene expression are influenced by the external environmental factors, so positive educational experiences and healthy outlooks and habits can also theoretically influence epi-genome to promote positive responses which will decrease the risk of pathophysiological conditions and lower the morbidity and mortality rates. Transformative power of education needs to be nurtured in America so that every child may educate him/herself with no hindrances from segregated, racist and demagoguery.