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Kandi Wyatt
Kandi Wyatt, author
Knight. Dragon rider. Future king? Not if an evil mage has anything to say about it. Hest will do what it takes to protect his new home and his betrothed. A knight’s life isn’t easy. Add being a new dragon rider plus acquiring the powers that come with it, and it’s downright difficult. Especially when the king says it means you’re the next in line for the throne! Hest saved the king’s life once before, but now the princess is in the clutches of a man intent on stripping the dragon of all his power. It will take Hest understanding his bond with his dragon plus some luck to balance his new positions with grace. From the first moonstep he met her, Hest has never felt on equal footing with Princess Siobhan. Now her father wants him to marry her! Yes, she’s beautiful and has a kind heart, but she also has a fiery temperament. One moment he’ll say something that melts her heart and the next she’s angry with him. How will he ever figure it out? Between Siobhan, his new powers, and the mage, it’ll take grit, determination, and the help of his dragon to keep his future position and his betrothed. Blessed is the second book in the coming-of-age fantasy series, Four Stars over Ardatz: Sovereigns. If you like action, wonderful characters, multi-dimensional clean romance, and dragons, you’ll love Kandi J Wyatt’s book. Start reading Blessed today to start your own adventure!