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Blind Dreams
Sejan Rahman, author
Shazam Meunice is lost in the world of dreams, in search of his lover, and there appears Don Sandor – The Shadowy figure that guides him find Sheetal, the woman who touched his soul in another lifetime. In an epic fantasy, a heart shattering drama unfolds in the dream world where passionate lovers try to find ways to unite in the real world. But there are obstacles put in place by a race of unearthly species whose agenda is to loot and destroy. Haroon, the young boy dreams of a new world where there will be no evil and where there will be only love, prosperity and joy. The innocence of his dreams is met by challenges by the “Children of the Star” who took a temporary birth on planet earth to free the human race from oppression. And so, the Love-Birds seek higher wisdom to unite so that love is expressed in its purity and the magic that was lost in the ancient world finds its way back to the modern society.